Dear Friends,

Just as our founding family may have done a century and a half ago when they envisioned America’s first college of mechanical engineering, we stand now to coalesce around a big idea—a momentous idea.

The Power of Stevens is a catalytic event in the life of this university. It will propel us to realize the dreams we envisioned when we began our 10-year Strategic Plan: to become a premier, student-centric, technological research university.

Who will benefit from The Power of Stevens?

Our students.  Our faculty.  Our alumni.  Our partners.  And, assuredly, society at large.

The Power of Stevens will fortify Stevens—allowing us to attract world-class faculty, conduct critically-important research, provide new campus facilities and a cutting edge technological infrastructure.  It will make a Stevens education attractive and accessible to greater numbers of promising and talented young minds.  Cumulatively, these elements will combine to effect an extraordinary impact for Stevens...and for society.

Our graduates have made history with their inventions, their corporate leadership, and their contributions to technological progress.  This campaign will ensure the continuation of this rich tradition.

Stevens is a university with enormous unrealized potential.  Through this campaign, we will unlock that potential…and become the university we have imagined.

The future is ours to create.

Per aspera ad astra,

Nariman Farvardin