Featured Donors

“He thought very highly of Stevens and wanted to see other young people get the chance in life that he got.”
-Rick DeGironimo

Harold Kruger

"I decided I owe a lot to Stevens"
-Fred Paulson ’59 M.S. ’62

Fred Paulson

“My well-rounded education allowed me to explore a lot of different areas.”
-Leon Hojegian ’61

Leon Hojegian

“I don’t think I could have done that if I hadn’t experienced the Stevens education.”
-Thomas A. Corcoran ’67 Hon.D.Eng

Tom Corcoran

“Coming back and touring the campus with my family brought back amazing memories."
-Steven Bandel ’74

Steven Bandel

"It’s [Stevens] given us so much, and we want to give back. We want others to have the journey we had.”

Virginia and Kevin Ruesterholz

The Hanlon Financial Systems Center supports many aspects of Stevens.

Sean and Cathy Hanlon

Though he got accepted to three other universities, Joe Ambrozy chose Stevens, in part because he could commute...

Joe Ambrozy

Looking back, Dave believes Stevens gave him the means to find the things he was looking for in life.

Blanche and Dave Haid

“Stevens does a fabulous job in helping build problem-solving skills to overcome those roadblocks."

Annmarie Rizzo
"For me, the Stevens education was ahead of its time, especially with systems planning and management..."
Lisa Mascolo

"...I really believe that Stevens is an incredible asset, but with any asset, you have to invest in it...”

Dick Sard

Though he didn’t attend Stevens, Josh Weston has been a champion for the university

Josh Weston

“We feel an obligation to give back.”

Susan and Greg Gianforte

“For me, the most moving thing is watching commencement...”

Scott Swensen