Thank You

Stevens is pleased to recognize the generous alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends who have supported the capital campaign at the leadership level:

Carole M. and John A. Abom ’65


Gina M. Addeo ’86

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Joseph T. Ambrozy ’61, M.S. ’63

American Bureau of Shipping

Charles H. Anderson ’43

Anonymous (3)

Armour-Lewis Family Foundation

Lawrence T. Babbio Jr. ’66, H.Eng. ’01

Jean F. and Alfred C.* Baechlin ’47

Evelyn M and Frederick J. Berenbroick ’59

Heli and Thomas Blum

Sandra F. and Donald J.* Blum ’45

Karen and Stephen T. Boswell C.E. ’89, Ph.D. ’91, H.Eng. ’13

Bruce Boylan ’63

Elbert Calhoun Brinning, Jr.*

William J. Canavan ‘44*

Childs Gallery

Alice and A. James* Clark

Claudia A. and Thomas A. Corcoran ’67, H.Eng. ’03

Diane C. Young and Phil P. Crowley ’71

Michele Z. and John R. Dearborn ’79, M.Eng. ’81

Kenneth W. DeBaun ’49*

Bruce N. Del Porte ’79*

Robert F. Dirkes ’20*

Mary S. and Robert J. Doyle ’56

Sandra and Kenneth A.* Dunphy ’61

ExxonMobil Corporation

David J. Farber ’56, M.S. ’61, H.Eng. ’99

Hoveida and Nariman Farvardin

Frank M. Fawzi ’84, M.M.S. ’87

Jeanne and John B. Fendel

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Susan K. and Greg R. Gianforte ’83, M.S.E.E. ’83, H.Eng. ’12

Darwin Richard Griffith*

Cathy and Sean Hanlon ’80

Linda R. and Arthur H. Harper ’78

John R. Harpootlian, Jr.  ’65

Gloria W. Heath

George A. Hebrank ’24*

Hoffmann-LaRoche Incorporated

Leon M. Hojegian ’61, M.M.S. ’67

Rosa and John H. Hovey ’57

Betty B. Howind*

James S. McDonnell Foundation

Judith and Joseph J. Kaminski ’60

Gabrielle and William H. Korab

Elizabeth D. and Gustav H. Koven, III ’65

Judith and Richard L. Kuskin ’72

Sylvia Levey*

Lloyds Register Foundation

The Henry Luce Foundation Incorporated

Doris A. and C. Thomas Lunghard ’58, M.S. ’61

Walter W. Mahnken ’42

Lisa M. Mascolo ’82

Jo-Ann V. and Dwight B. Massey ’53

Sarah Myers McGinty

William H. McLean ’31*

Merck Research Laboratories

Sandra L. Stark and James L. Mersfelder ’64

The P&G Company

PSEG Foundation

Sapienza Barone and Brodie Remington

Annmarie J. Rizzo ’86, M.S. ’92

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Maryann and William Roper

Richard R. Roscitt ’73

Virginia P. Ruesterholz ’83, H.Eng ’08 and Kevin Ruesterholz ’83

Carol and Richard Sard ’62, M.S. ’63, Ph.D. ’68

John F. Schatmeyer ’57

Margaret and John A. Schepisi ’65

A. Joseph Schneider ’46

Susan and Thomas H. Scholl

Mary Jane and Frank J. Semcer, Sr. ’65

Albert E. Sisto ’71

Joy L. and Richard F. Spanier ’61, M.S. ’62, Ph.D. ’68

Cynthia K. and J. Scott Swensen ’74

J. Richard Szeremany

Karen A. and Frederick E. Unfried ’65, M.Eng. ’67

Holly C. and Marty P. Valerio ’68

David W. Vogel ’65

Maureen A. and David T. Wadiak ’73

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

The Wesley J. Howe Foundation

Judy and Josh S. Weston, H.Eng. ’96

Estelle Ives Zahn ’28*

* Indicates that the individual is deceased

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