Castle Point Power Couple

From the Class of 1983, Virginia and Kevin Ruesterholz met as students, married, and now give back to where their story started.

Stevens will always be a special to Virginia and Kevin Ruesterholz, who met on campus during a chemistry class.

“We love this place,” Virginia said. “It’s given us so much, and we want to give back. We want others to have the journey we had.”

“We graduated from here,” Kevin added, “and I was lucky enough to meet my best friend and my partner for life. To come back and give to Stevens makes us very happy and very proud.”

Virginia and Kevin established the Ruesterholz Admissions Center, the first tour stop for prospective students. Inside a renovated colonial-style house, the admissions center showcases Stevens achievements while inspiring students to imagine spending four years on campus.

“We sincerely hope the Ruesterholz Admissions Center is a valuable asset to university admissions and makes a positive impression on prospective students far into the future,” Virginia said. “Our goal was to have an admissions center where students can come and feel the real beauty of Stevens – the views of New York City and the feeling of standing on top of the world here at Castle Point, as well as the history and charm of the university.”

Virginia, a retired Verizon executive, was the first woman to chair the university’s board of trustees. She received an honorary doctorate in 2008. Kevin, who has worked for AT&T and Lucent Technologies, practices as an attorney.

The couple has devoted time to Stevens by helping to craft and fulfill the university’s current strategic plan, serving in various advisory roles, and rallying fellow alumni to engage with their alma mater. Kevin co-chaired the Edwin A. Stevens Society, which recognizes donors who give annually toward the university’s strategic priorities.

“As students, alumni, and leaders at Stevens, we have been thrilled to witness firsthand the university’s incredible rise, and we are equally thrilled to contribute to its continued momentum,” Virginia said.

In addition to building the admissions center, the couple support scholarships. “Supporting the growth of young minds is one of the most important things we can do," Virginia said. "Sparks of brilliance are ignited every day on this campus, and we are thrilled to encourage the brilliant students at Stevens."