Fruitful Fellowship

At the Stevens Venture Center, Professor Mukund Iyengar is using the Oringer Fellowship to inspire young entrepreneurs.

For developing innovation in web browsing, Professor Mukund Iyengar was honored with a 2018 Edison Patent Award by the Research & Development Council of New Jersey. Iyengar worked with Kevin Barresi ’16 M.Eng. ’16 to form a startup and patent a browser that does a better job of organizing data. Through Iyengar’s guidance, Barresi successfully merged the startup with a larger tech firm.

Professor Iyengar turned down offers from Facebook and Google to come to Castle Point in 2012. He now serves as the Howard Oringer ’62 Fellow at the Stevens Venture Center (SVC), where he runs a series of hacks, including one on health care that received robust corporate support, and one sponsored by the United Nations on human trafficking.

He also leads Launchpad, which has helped students form companies now valued at a combined $35 million.

“The Oringer Fellowship,” Iyengar said, “allows me to work with the SVC in identifying students who have an entrepreneurial gift, helping me open new career pathways for students to positively impact society by creating technological solutions in a sustainable and scalable way.”

“Through the Oringer fellowship,” said David Zimmerman, who directs the SVC, “Stevens is able to support faculty, like Mukund Iyengar, who have an entrepreneurial mindset and who help us grow our ecosystem by identifying and developing entrepreneurial students.”