Getting Everything He Wanted

Dave Haid ’57 says Stevens led him toward meeting his wife Blanche, starting a family, and building a fulfilling career.

Dave Haid is sure of his advice for Stevens students. “They definitely need to have a good sense of what teamwork means. They have to know how to work as a team.”

Dave has honed his own teamwork skills during his life, whether he was building a family with his wife, Blanche, working with colleagues at Union Carbide and other companies, and now with his friends supporting the Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship.

In recent years, the Class of 1957 has tightened the bonds it first made several decades ago. “We had different backgrounds, different fraternities, different activities, but we had a common mind to get together for our 40th reunion, have a good time, and encourage our classmates to donate so we could make a nice gift to Stevens. After the reunion was over, we decided to continue to meet. The 50th was a big one, and now that we’re getting close to our 60th next year, we’re meeting again more often.”

As Dave’s wife, Blanche has enjoyed getting to know his classmates. “They seem to be very interested in each other, and they’re there for each other. If you picked up the phone, you were going to get help if you needed it. That’s a real nice feeling.”

Dave and Blanche met after Union Carbide transferred him to Buffalo. Together, they raised seven children, following Blanche’s upbringing among six and Dave’s among four. “It was a little scary when the first one was to go off,” Blanche remembers about the challenge of providing the best for their children. “It sounded like we had to give all our money to the first child to go to college, and we were wondering what to do with the next one. It was a little scary, but we worked on it.”

The couple now enjoy spending time with their 16 grandchildren. They regularly traverse the east coast, traveling from their home in Connecticut to see family in Virginia, Georgia, Florida and elsewhere. They have a number of interests, including philanthropy. “That goes back to my own history of having a great deal of support through a scholarship,” Dave recalls.

Looking back, Dave believes Stevens gave him the means to find the things he was looking for in life. “Really, it gave me everything, because I was looking for a good education that put me in a good position to get a good career. I wasn’t thinking much about family life then, but then my career took me to Buffalo, and I met Blanche and we started our family. Perhaps I can’t be very eloquent about it, but I got everything I wanted.”