Sard Sends Students Overseas

Having toured dozens of countries, Dick Sard ’62 supports students seeking experiences and enrichment abroad.

Whether he was travelling for business or pleasure, Dick Sard is grateful for the opportunity to visit more than 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, and to return home with cultural enrichment and lifelong memories. He’s channeled that gratitude as a leading supporter of scholarships for students to travel abroad.

Since the Office of International Programs opened in 2014, the number of Stevens students studying overseas has tripled. After hearing from many of those students, Dick remains convinced he is making an effective investment in them and in Stevens. “Study abroad opportunities,” Dick said, “provide an educational as well as pleasurable approach to learning, and they immeasurably improve the quality of students that Stevens produces.”

Beginning with his stint at Bell Labs, Dick rose from bench scientist to manager and was later recruited to be vice president for a division of Occidental Petroleum. His career continued to evolve, involving him in technology and international business development for Enthone-OMI, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the electronics and surface finishing industries. Now retired, he and his wife, Carol, split their time between managing their farm in Vermont and attending cultural activities in New York.

During his days at Castle Point, Dick was a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa and played varsity lacrosse, including serving as team captain. He stayed to earn a graduate degree in 1962 and a doctorate in 1968.

He’s kept up with his Stevens classmates, leading to his interest in helping the university. “We’d always make a point of getting together for important anniversaries. We’d show up on campus and realize that good things were happening at Stevens.”

In addition to supporting study abroad, Dick has donated to the Class of 1962 Endowed Scholarship and for infrastructure improvements. He believes The Power of Stevens is important for Stevens to succeed. “When I first heard about the campaign, I told President Farvardin I wanted to help. I really believe that Stevens is an incredible asset, but with any asset, you have to invest for it to be productive.”

With his broad perspective, Dick is confident that Stevens is capable of producing students who can make an impact on society. “One of the real shortcomings in the world today is leadership, and educated leaders are essential to our collective well-being. Stevens is a source of the kinds of talent needed for the next generation to make a difference. I think that’s something people who have a Stevens background will look at and feel proud about.”