Extraordinary Researchers, Exemplary Teachers 

Stevens faculty are trailblazing researchers and skilled and dedicated teachers.  Whether in bioengineering, drug discovery, sustainable energy, cybersecurity, quantitative finance, and other fields, Stevens faculty are extending the boundaries of knowledge and applying that knowledge to society’s most challenging issues.

Faculty Recruitment

Stevens recruits faculty from the best universities nationally and globally, faculty who are extraordinary researchers alongside serving as exemplary teachers and mentors. While extending the boundaries of knowledge through their own work, they engage students in research and guide them through experiential learning opportunities.

The university is seeking to expand its faculty, help senior members disseminate the knowledge they generate, and nurture those at the beginning of their careers.

Faculty Development Funds

By providing resources and prestige, endowed chairs are key to recruiting and retaining the best professors. Faculty Development Funds, both endowed and current use, enable senior and junior faculty to advance their careers and enlarge the impact of their work.